Susan Wuthnow Beddig
Quickborn, Germany

What's Up:
Still on the European trip my dad gave me as a college graduation present! I ended up putting down roots in Hamburg, Germany.

Interests: gardening, opera, mushroom hunting, people. No sports!

My Occupation:
After high school graduation I got a B.Sc. in Biological Oceanography at the University of Washington in Seattle. I got a M.Sc. equivalent in Hamburg in "Hydrobiology and Fisheries Science" in 1978 and have been working in Marine Science at the University of Hamburg since then. At present I am doing public relations work at the Centre for Marine and Climate Research, which I enjoy much more than actually doing science!

A side occupation is running a dog cemetery which was founded by my late husband in the 1960's.

My Family:
I have a grown daughter, Zoe, from my first marriage, which ended in divorce after six years. Still hoping for grandchildren!

My husband of 26 years died in 2002.

Last year I met a soul mate and am very happy!

Favorite Memories:
English class with Miss Noland und Mr. Manis, Physics with Mr. Melbach, Philosophy class with ??? (forgot his name). State basketball championship.






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December 19, 2017