Robin Woodward Robinson
Jacksonville, Florida



What's Up:
Enjoyment - Going to the beach, working as a volunteer in our community, researching and writing articles for a local publication, enjoying my book club group, gardening, traveling, sipping a great glass of wine and last but not least, living in the South.

My Occupation:
I was a paralegal and enjoyed it, but regret that I did not pursue journalism.

My Family:
My husband, Jay, and his 5 children (all grown); my daughter, Nicole; and nine grandchildren including Nicole's 5 year old twin girls.

Favorite Memories:
Cruising the drive-in eateries (can't think of their names), dancing the night away at the Robin's Nest on Lookout Mountain, the Top School dance with the Moonrakers and Astronauts, cruising Celebrity Lanes to see if the boys were any cuter on that side of town, going with Joann Royce to CSU's College Days, carpooling to school and always having to wait on Priscilla.






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December 19, 2017