Judy Wolvington
Lakewood, Colorado

What's Up:

I canít believe itís been FIFTY years! Can we really be that old?

Life is good, as always. Iím enjoying my counseling/coaching practice, and have no retirement plan in sight. So it really IS a good thing that itís my passion and joy. I hope it keeps me young; this old age stuff doesnít appeal to me.

I am so grateful to have all 3 ďkidsĒ and 4 grandkids here in the Denver area. We have all been skiing together and this may be the last year that I can keep up with the 9-year-old!

Aside from family, work and skiing I occupy my spare time with golf and ballroom/country dancing. Music, yoga, meditation and spirituality are also huge in my life, and they are certainly the reason why I live in daily gratitude. 


Iím a counselor for adults looking to find their authentic power and purpose, and Iím a Business Success Coach for therapists, coaches and healers who want to expand their business with online and offline marketing, offering programs instead of hourly sessions, and getting all the clients and income they desire while doing what they love.

My Family

The grandkids are now 6, 6, 8, and 9. They will be at Golden High School before I can blink! What a joy they are, and we enjoy many ďsleepoversĒ together. My dog (Cocker Spaniel) Nutmeg is my warm fuzzy companion, and she makes sure I take her for her daily walk in rain, snow or shine. My parents both passed away in 2005 and are greatly missed.








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December 19, 2017