Pat Wollbrinck Lang
Olathe, Colorado



What's Up:

 I enjoy working in my yard, especial the rose garden. Going to events (gymnastics, baseball, volleyball, softball, basketball) and watching my grandchildren.

 My Occupation:
 Retired special education teacher, but still substitution and tutoring.
My Family:
 My husband Gary and I have been married for 47 years, we had three children and now we have 7 grandchildren. Our oldest daughter, Rayleene, passed away in 2012.  She had cervical cancer which she beat.  It was the treatment that took her from us. We did not know that radiation thinned the walls of the arteries and veins, but evidently it does. She had the cancer beat, developed a low grade fever a few weeks after her surgery.  The medical team checked to be sure that there was no infection in the blood stream, which there was not. She was in the hospital, sent me a text message saying she should be able to come home the following day. This was at 7:30 PM, and 9:00 PM we got a call that she was in trouble. The large artery that runs across your abdomen had burst and basically she bled to death before they could get her to surgery. The year prior, I lost my brother, Richard Wollbrinck, - also a WRHS graduate - who died of a massive heart attack at the age of 55, the same as his father at the same age.
  Rayleene, our oldest daughter worked in law enforcement and had one daughter, Sheyanne, who is a grad student at UNC. She is also teaching two sections of college composition and is an embedded tutor in the English Department at Aims Community College, in Greeley.
  Our son Jarrod is a Sgt with the Rio Blanco Sheriff's Department.   He has three daughters - Cassie, 16, Katrina 14, and Kaylee Jo, 9. All three of his daughters play basketball and volleyball.  They are also very good students.
  Our youngest daughter, Tabitha, has a BSW and worked for Health and Human Services as a Child Protection Caseworker.  But,  after dealing with severe abuse of children and the death of two infants within 6 months of each other, she resigned. She is currently a medical office manager and is going back to school to get her elementary teaching license. She has three children - Christian, who just graduated with academic and athletic honors from Delta High School,  is attending CSU in Fort Collins where he is majoring in Criminal Justice.   Upon graduation he is planning on attending the Colorado State Patrol Academy.  Emilie is 11 and involved in gymnastics.  She took a second, third and fourth at state competition last spring. Gabby is 5 and just entered kindergarten.  She is also involved in gymnastics and plays softball.
  We live in Olathe, Colorado.  My husband is a Agricultural Water Disbursement Technician.  He delivers agriculture water to the farmers though a large agriculture water system that has been in use since the Gunnison was dug over 100 years ago. He delivers water to the farmers that bring you Olathe Sweet Corn.
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