Paul Wolf
Henderson, Nevada

What's Up:
Currently working in Las Vegas after 30 years in the Pacific islands.  Stayed busy over the years raising a family and doing home improvements.  My long-term link to Colorado is following the Broncos.  I watched the '99 Super Bowl live at 7 am on a Monday morning in Manila.

My Occupation:
Civil Engineer.  Graduated from CSU and became a "winner" in the draft lottery the same month.  Chose the Navy Civil Engineer Corps over the draft, and drew assignments in the islands of Guam, Ponape, and the Philippines.  Found work in the islands after my Navy time, mostly on highway, bridge, and airport projects.

One memorable project was a mile-long bridge in Pearl Harbor.  It has a floating section in the middle that can be retracted to open a channel wide enough for an aircraft carrier.

Working on another project, I met one of "America's Most Wanted" fugitives.  He was one of several pilots I interviewed about a remote airport in American Samoa.  A couple years later, the guy was captured following the AMW episode. The case was also featured on A&E, "The Perfect Murderer".

Secondary Skills:  The summer after WRHS graduation, I worked on a ranch in New Mexico, and then joined the rodeo club my first year at CSU.

My Family:
Happily married to Naomi for 32 years.  She's a native of Palau (did you watch "Survivor - Palau"?).  We raised our 2 kids, Larry and Jenny, in Hawaii.

Favorite Memories:
Band (marching, symphonic, pep band).  Sweet Georgia Brown...St Louis Blues....King Size!....Tulsa!!  Maestro Wallace was a master motivator.  He had us striving for perfection and laughing all the way.

Cherries Jubilee at the Top of the (?) on prom night.  A shocking $6.50 a serving for ice cream, plus tax, tip!  Cheryl - do I still owe you money?







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December 19, 2017