Byron E. Wilcurt
In Memoriam
The report came to us over Labor Day weekend that Byron Wilcurt had been killed.  In a sense, this was an overstatement, for there are some who refuse to die.  Byron was one of these.
Because he loved his fellow man, Byron will continue to exist in the lives of everyone he knew.  He was one of the few people who learned in his youth to truly appreciate those about him and possessed the selflessness that is the mark of a true leader.

This spirit of unselfishness will be symbolized by the plaque that his classmates are giving the school---to be presented annually, not to the best actor or actress, but to the student who has contributed most to Wheat Ridge High School in the field of drama.

Byron was a good student---and a good teacher.  Others learned from being in contact with him.  One of the important lessons he taught was to be objective about self.  Whenever he was faced with adverse circumstances beyond his control, Byron would shrug and give a little smile.  "Those are the breaks," he would say.  Perhaps he is saying that now. 

by Mary Ann Lynen






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August 13, 2017