Fred Wiggins
Plano, Texas



What's Up:
Married for 37 years, 2 daughters.  Left Colorado June 1965 for Mississippi (Dad transferred).  Attended and graduated University of Southern Mississippi '69.  English/Computer Science Honors Program. Mostly lived in New Orleans (with stints in Boston, Tampa, Pasadena) until 1989, then moved to Dallas area.

Seem to be going through a sort of Texas honky-tonk period.  One daughter lives in Austin, so ready access to live music.

My Occupation:
Been in the IT business all my life.  Currently working as Director of Technical Services for Safety-Kleen Systems.  Wife also in IT.

My Family:
Two beautiful daughters, both educated and married.  Two grandsons.  Married to the same gal for 37 years last month.

Favorite Memories:
Actually, high school was a pretty miserable time for me.  I would enjoy it a lot, though, if I could go around again!!








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December 19, 2017