Aleta Wiener
Marana, Arizona

What's Up:
Moved to Tucson in 2003 and am enjoying it here very much.  I love to travel, and also enjoy collecting fine wines and gardening.  Desert gardening is so different from New England!!  Love animals - share my home with kitties!  Weather here is fabulous except for 4 hot months!
Sunsets in AZ are phenomenal!  I love nature; feed the birds; have bobcats and roadrunners visit -- morning coffee on the patio is great!
Have always enjoyed travel! Had a great trip to Boston, CT and New York in 2013 and also went to my grand niece's wedding at the Air Force Academy the end of 2013 and CA in February 2014. Planning for Boston the end of July -- annual Harvest meeting with the wine business! Just back from the annual Harvest meeting in Boston and a visit with my friends in CT (2015).

My Occupation:
 Insurance has been my career, all types specializing in long-term care planning since 1994.  In 2012 I started a second business in the wine industry and do wine tastings in people's homes.  It's a lot of fun!

My Family:

In 1986, I ended up moving my mother from Wheat Ridge to CT where she lived with me for 6.5 years.  I recently separated from my significant other of 6 years but have had a very happy life with many close friends from coast to coast.  I have a niece and nephew her in Tucson and another niece & family in Albuquerque (her kids are grown and across the country!)  Also have two Scottish Fold kitties (littermates, one with folded ears and one with straight ears) who just turned 1 in 2015. 

Favorite Memories:







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December 19, 2017