Cherie Wheeler Lewis
Walnut Creek, California

What's Up:
Traveling.  Have been to Hawaii numerous times, the Caribbean and Europe.  Snorkeling is my fav when in the islands. In Europe, it would be a toss up between the architecture of Venice and the Duomo & museums of Florence. Regular trips to Monterey/Pacific Grove & Carmel are the greatest as well as the spas in Napa/Sonoma area.  Love a little gardening, reading the likes of Ludlum, and researching anything from politics to The Impressionists on the internet.  Enjoy music from Beethoven to Sting, The Moody Blues to Smokey Robinson, The Rolling Stones (the Strolling Bones) to Green Day & The Black Eyed Peas.

My Occupation:
I’ve loved most every job I’ve had in building, design and associated sales. Was the Charter President for NAWIC (Women in Construction) for this area. Also, am still licensed in CA Real Estate. In 1985, I’d been a contracts manager for a medium sized corporation, contracted everything from site work trades to roofing to interior finish and landscaping.  Later was recruited by a major West Coast residential builder as Interior Design Manager for Northern CA.  Lastly was an architectural & design firm rep for natural stone, porcelain tile and imported antique stone. Semi retired in 2004, but have been contracting out data sourcing for the internet to automobile dealerships (just a few hours a week …… sweeeeet.)

My Family:
I have been married 31 years to my “first husband”, a wonderful man named Marv.  Have 2 stepsons Brett, married to Kim; and Jason, and a wonderful grandson, Devyn, 3 yrs. old.  One by one, all of my family members moved from the Denver area to the S.F.Bay Area after I moved here in 1974.  Sister, Sue Ellen, WRHS class of ’60 lives just a few miles away. Father deceased Sept. 1983, after 7 ½ years residing within our home. My mother, is 86 and in failing health but has excellent care and loving family around. Life has dealt a lot of trials and tribulations, but also heaped with happiness and great blessings.

Favorite Memories:
Lots and lots. All the friends. The ’63 basketball championship, and ’65 wasn’t too shabby either. The boys’ ballet.  Pep Club, poster parties, rocking the stands with stomps and cheers at football, basketball games & track meets. Farmers’ Barn dances at the Bull & Bush. Mr. Manis being indignant that he had to teach our lowly sophomore class English in ‘63, then got him again as a Senior.  What a wonderful guy under that gruff exterior, I still ooze Shakespeare thanks to him. Then there was Miss Christenson, still to this day, I remember her correcting me by telling me that the “T” in “often” is SILENT.  She made a huge difference later in my life when I had to do a lot of public speaking. 






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December 19, 2017