Claudia Shride Race
Aurora, Illinois



What's Up:
 The last time I updated my bio grad school was my next journey. I am happy to say I received my MLIS, with honors when I was 61. Several months later I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, but I am a very lucky survivor.
 We are still in Illinois, putting up with 17 inches of standing snow and wind-chill below 0°. Hopefully our water tables to be replenished after a very nice year of rain and snow.
 I would like to get back to my painting (watercolor and acrylic). I think most of my supplies have dried up over the years. I have also been dabbling with jewelry making. Writing is also in my sights so with these few things alone, I know I will be kept busy!
 My Occupation:
 I have finally retired after 37 years at the Aurora Public Library. I had wanted to stay until 70 or 40 years of service, but politics has kept many of us from doing what we were trained and hired to do. I hope to start volunteering in one of the other local libraries this year. I would also like to become involved assisting with special education students in the local schools as I enjoyed working with them in the library setting. I do miss helping and teaching the library patrons, but am able to keep in contact with some of them.

 My Family:
 My husband, Mike, “retired” 3 years ago when his job was eliminated and he became a great cook while I continued to work. We are now great grandparents to a charming 9 month old boy. We visited him in September 2014 just after I retired. Hopefully we can make it back to Colorado more frequently now, but we both have problems with the high altitude now. Mother passed away in 2009, just after she moved to Greeley to be closer by my sister. Thank you to those of you who use to call or visit with her!
 Favorite Memories:
 We look forward to the WRHS Class of '65 50th reunion. It is on the calendar! Hope to see many acquaintances in September!








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August 19, 2018