Shirley (Shan) Shirley Brazeal
Vallejo, California

What's Up:
In the past 10 years I became interested in silk floral design; I, along
with my fiancée, do craft shows in California & Nevada.

I still enjoy singing and often do events and special occasions such
as weddings, holiday programs etc.

My Occupation:
After 18 years in a nursing career, I gave it all up and went into
floral design,  for the last 9 years I have worked in a flower shop
doing fresh and silk design..

My Family:
I have been a widow for the last 16 years, I have four grown children
three girls and one boy, and a very proud Nana of 5 grandchildren
and the 6th on the way...

For the past nine years I have had a wonderful man in my life by the
name of Preston, we are engaged and plan to be married.

Favorite Memories:
There are many great memories of high school, I think some of my favorites
are the Friday night barn dances, football games, homecoming, prom and
hanging out with my friends at the Frosted Scotchman.








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August 19, 2018