Marion Salem Stephens
Bartelsville, Oklahoma

What's Up:
I have been blessed to do many things during my life.  From living in Alaska with all it winter activities, to living in the desert of Arizona.  Right now my grandson is living with us so we have become a football family.  Neither of my boys were into football, so this is a change especially at this age.  I enjoy traveling which I do some but not as much as my husband who travels out the country.  I do get to Phoenix 7-8 times a year.  My parents still live there; dad 87 still runs his own business, mom 84 in a care center.  So I spend time checking up on them.  I do travel to several different trade shows across the US to purchase items for the store.  I do a lot of reading but not as much as I would like.  After 10 hour days 6 day a week, my most loved activity is to go home read and sleep.  I use to love knitting, but after breaking my wrist last Christmas, I do not do a lot of that either.

My Occupation:
I have been employed or volunteered in many different areas: Computer schools, Heavy equipment and truck driving schools, dental office manager, EMT for a volunteer Ambulance Service.  I now own my business: Books & Things From C&R.  We sell new and used paperback books, hardback books, jewelry, dolls, wood creations, knitted items, etc.  Local craftsmen bring their items in and if I think they will sale, we put them in the store. 

My Family:
I have been married for 38 years.  We have lived all over the US.  We have two boys.  Rick Jr. is 35 and works for the drug task force.  He has two children, Brenda and Robert.  Brenda is with her mother and Robert is living with us to finish high school. Robert is 17 and is 250lb 5'11.  Scott is married, has a 2 1/2 year old boy going on 30.  The family is living in E Islip, NY, where Scott is completing his 3 year residency is pediatric medicine

Rick, my husband, plans to retire next year and is starting his Engineering Consulting Company.  I will not be retiring again for a couple of years or when the store is up and running good.  I retired 3 years ago after back surgery and spending a lot of time with my parents.

Favorite Memories:
Because of illness when I was younger, a lot of my memories of high school and before are really not there.  They do come back when people talk about different things, but I have to hear about them first.  I do remember the Barn dances, cruising Wadsworth, taking short hand - this because I have so many of Gregg Short Hand books in the store. I really enjoy reading othersí bio because it does bring back a few missing memories.

Just a short note.  I will be unable to attend the 50th class reunion.  We have had a few changes in our life in the last couple of months which will keep us from traveling that far.

Just a update.   Rick and I were married 48 years ago Aug 8 1967.  Looking forward to  our 50th.  We have told the kids we want to go back to Alaska, as a family,  want to see the changes since we lived there in the early 80ís.

We now have 6 grandchildren ranging in age from 20ís to 8, and two great granddaughters both about 2. 

Our two boys - Rick Jr. is in Woodward Ok and works bail bonds, security etc.  Very busy.  He has two children, and two by a new marriage, plus one granddaughter and one by new marriage.

Scott is a Pediatric Hospitalist, also the head of the Pediatric floor at the Stanford Hospital  in Fargo, ND  He has two children.

We have enjoyed traveling,  We spent 14 days on a Disney Cruise to Hawaii,  just the two of us. 

Then we spent a month in Florida last December.   Again a Disney Cruise with Scott and family.  After that my brother was married in Florida. 

I have had a very full and enjoyable life.  We have lived in many different states from Alaska to Michigan, now in Oklahoma for 26 years. 

I have worked on and off for many years, from Motel training, Computer training, Heavy Equipment and Truck driving Schools.  Worked in a dental office for 10 years here in Oklahoma.  I was a EMT for over 20 years.  We kept an ambulance here at the house, since we live out in the country, it was all volunteer work.  I worked the back and Rick drove. 

I have a great family, a great husband, and would not change anything about my life. 

Always look forward to hearing the news about all the people we went to school with.  Look forward to many pictures of the reunion.

Sorry not the best picture but you get the idea.

Love to all

Cindy   (Marion Salem)








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August 19, 2018