Shannon Quinn Hooper
Parker, Colorado

What's Up:
I work for CH2M Hill (a large global engineering company) as lead receptionist here in Denver. I just celebrated my 11th anniversary with them. Seems like my little niche has been found for my curiosity and my talkative nature.

Family - Mom who lives with us, husband-Gary, children, and especially the grandchildren, are the most important focus of my life.  I am active in our church and my faith, and thank God for the many blessings he has provided. I am dedicated to doing the work He has given to me, serving, loving and helping all that I am in contact with.

I have become, by necessity in Denver, a committed Xeric gardening enthusiast (Colorado natives especially). I am also a committed enthusiast of "West Wing", and anxiously awaiting the arrival of Season 5, much to the chagrin of my family, who get really tired of it!

My Occupation:
I have been involved in telecommunications in some capacity my entire adult life, and have found my niche with this company (CH2M Hill). They do amazing and productive work in improving the global environment on many levels. It is such a positive feeling to contribute to that effort in any capacity.

My Family:
We have 3 children, Kelli our oldest lives with her husband and brand new baby, in Omaha (we can make that trip in 7 hours, when pushed -like a new grandchild on the way!). Brandi our second, lives in Kiowa (Co) with her family, a charming husband and two wonderful granddaughters, one 13 yrs., and very precocious 2 year old. Colin, our 3rd is still trying to decide what he wants to do when he grows up. . .me too. He is currently the caretaker and fix-up person for grandma's home in Wheat Ridge. His more or less full time job is in the automotive repair and maintenance world.

Favorite Memories:
Besides the fun stuff, like girls track team, and football and basketball games and State Basketball champs in 64. I cherish most the day in late October 1964, when I walked into the cafeteria to sign up for ski club and met the person (Gary) that then and now fills my life with everything I ever want or need. How lucky are we in life to have those people come into our lives.







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December 19, 2017