Lon Putnam
Hilo, Big Island, Hawaii



What's Up:
Presently living in Alaska - subsistence living: drift netting, hunting and berry picking.  In winter carving wood and antler, pottery, jewelry as well as general wood working.  At one time had a 10 dog  sled team.

My Occupation:
Physician Assistant presently working with the Native Health Aide Program as a clinical instructor. Traveling to 40 of 46 villages every Year in the Yukon Kuskokwin Delta.  Retired from the military 16 years Army and 5 years Air Force.  Stationed in foreign countries of Texas, Korea and Germany.

My Family:
Recently Divorced.  I have started a new life with one of the nurses I worked with in the clinic.  I have two married daughters and four granddaughters and one grandson . 

Favorite Memories:
Debate, political campaigns, football games and fogged up windows at the drive in.







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December 19, 2017