Milt Presler
Wheat Ridge, CO

What's Up:
Moved back HOME (living in Lakewood - for NOW) after 4+ yrs in Buffalo, NY...IT IS so GOOD to be back among friends and what all is HERE (and so much more to do - than what Buffalo ever had to offer)...!!!...The live-music is 100-times better - as I can't live without tunes (as music is food for my soul) and I've been ENJOYING a lot of it since being back (and I've got to be movin' to the tunes - on-and/or-off the dance floor as well)...LIFE is GOOD as always (and WILL BE)...!!!...

My Occupation:

I totally LOVED what I did - when I was among the working-class (as a graphic designer/artist)...But NOW - I live LIFE to totally ENJOY today (with a loving heart of a grateful soul - in whatever/however/wherever)...!!!...Hope all of YOU are doing the same (for there are no promises for the tomorrows...as I have no-re grates what-so-ever of the yesterdays)...

My Family:

My daughter didn't get married (4yrs ago) in Buffalo - as it was going to be (and why I moved back there)...She just moved (Jan. 2014) to San Diego where she is ENJOYING her LIFE (even more than she expected it would be like out-there)...I am NOW just over the mountains from her (and not clear-across the country)...San Diego will be such a better place to visit her - than Buffalo was...!!!...

Favorite Memories:

Come-on - those were so many LIFE-times ago (and really - what does it matter NOW)...I live TODAY - and ENJOY still having YOU all as high-school FRIENDS (as WE make new memories)...!!!...

(((Hope to be back and see everyone---at OUR 50th)))







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December 19, 2017