Eric Peterson
Santa Rosa, CA

What's Up:
 There are ďLong Strange TripĒ stories about careers, kids, milestones and other things but this one is about my first true love.
 After WRHS I went to music school in SF (I got in thanks to Larry Wallace.) I soon met Maureen and we got engaged. (She applied for but declined a job as a bookkeeper with the Grateful Dead way before they were known.) After the SFCM and then Hastings, we eventually split up in Ireland where she stayed and later married an Irish guy. I gradually lost track of her.
My Occupation:
 I married, we had kids, a couple of different careers and in the 1990ís, after almost 30 years in the Bay Area, moved to Spokane. Kids grew up, I started and sold a business, played in a big brass band, and then a few years ago with my marriage at an end & both kids away at school I moved alone to Santa Rosa, a town in the middle of wine country, 60 miles N of SF.
 My Family:
 I knew no one there but then quite by accident discovered that Maureen, who I hadnít seen in 35 years, lived 10 minutes from my new home. Meeting again felt like destiny. We fell in love all over again and got married at the age of 64 with a brass band playing ďWhen Iím 64Ē - which came out in 1967 when we were first together in SF.

 Favorite Memories:
 She survived a lung transplant (an amazing story in itself) but then succumbed to a fungal infection and died in 2012. I was completely devastated & spent the next 2 years in pretty much full time mourning. One of Maureenís friends (who had attended the same Catholic girls schools in SF a few years after Maureen) helped me recover and now we are making a new life together. Iím sure it would be with Maureenís blessings.








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October 06, 2017