Eva Partyka
South Hadley, Massachusetts

What's Up:
I really enjoyed reading people's news and seeing current photos!  It amazed me that after so many years of not really thinking about high school at all (and I only attended Wheat Ridge for the last two years of high school) I smiled at the faces, young and old.

I married young, was married nearly thirty years, now divorced for seven.  Got my undergraduate degree at Mount Holyoke College and my graduate degree at the University of Rhode Island. 

It took a long time to adjust to living in New England...it seemed a century out-of-step from the West I grew up in...but I've come to love it and truly feel at home here. And the politics more closely resemble what's going on in my head!  I continued to return to Wheat Ridge several times a year until last year when my mother relocated to Massachusetts after my father's death.

My Occupation:
Aside from a preoccupation with being a wife and mother, I have worked as a college administrator, school library media specialist and in my own part-time business as editor, researcher, proof reader and occasional ghost writer.

My Family:

I have a son and daughter who are both now married.  My son made me a grandmother nineteen months ago....I'm head-over-heels in love with a three-foot boy who is the heart of our family!

Favorite Memories:






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December 19, 2017