Carol Kurylow McIntosh
Temecula, California




What's Up:
Fishing, Crafts, Grandkids.  Vacationing in Rockaway Beach, OR
My Occupation:
Homemaker and secretary for our home business.  Traveling to our seminars across the country.  Meeting many wonderful people and enjoying our beautiful country.
My Family:
My husband of 42 years Gary teaches at Talbot School of Theology in CA. Two sons, Gary and Laura who live in Lynnwood, WA and have 4 of our wonderful grandchildren.  Aaron and Danielle who live in Poway, CA and have 2 of our wonderful grandchildren.
We live in beautiful Temecula, CA
Favorite Memories:
Being in the musical South Pacific.  Enjoying choir and working in the school office.








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December 19, 2017