Alan Kraning
Marblehead, Massachusetts


What's Up:
I live northeast of Boston in the coastal town of Marblehead, MA. The town reeks of US history, and is the birthplace of the US Navy (1775). Our house is about a mile from the balmy North Atlantic Ocean, balmy meaning water temperatures may reach 60 for 2-3 weeks each August.

(Semi-retirement) + (empty nest) = scuba diving, sailing and traveling when other parents' kids are in school. (Sorry, but I had to get something mathy into the bio.) I'm also involved in college alumni activities and occasional neighborhood projects.

My Occupation:
Most of my career involved developing computer software for management of very large databases. I worked primarily for startup and small companies, and also ran a software consulting business. The work was always hard, but ultimately very satisfying. The most interesting projects involved railroads, economics forecasting, and work for various government agencies including NASA.

My Family:
I married Katie Huddleson in 1976, and we are still together. Our son Matt is a sophomore at Stanford University, and has already outstripped me in terms of math/science skills. Katie still works part time as a Special Assistant District Attorney for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. She argues criminal appellate cases for the prosecution in front of our State Appeals and Supreme Judicial Courts.

Favorite Memories:
1) Least favorite: Taking the right-of-way (from a cop!) driving to school one winter morning, and getting a ticket in the middle of the high school parking lot. Lights flashing, friends watching, teachers chuckling, insurance premiums rising, etc. I took infinite grief in every class that day, especially in band.
2) Most favorite: Climbing Long's Peak with Rich Mallory ('64), Dave Riggs ('65), Dave Mallory ('66), and Larry Lopez ('66).


That way to Maine, mate.






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December 19, 2017