Carol Groff Muller
Fremont, Nebraska



What's Up:
Hmmmm….  How to catch you up on 40 years of my life without boring you to tears?  As you will see, I sort of did things backwards.  

I left WRHS with great intentions of pursuing a business degree and becoming an executive secretary. Wanted to attend CSU; parents sent me to Midland College here in Nebraska.  Ignored my good sense & dropped out of school to get married.  I was a teenage mother and was chasing after 2 babies by the time I was 21 ~ While many of you were still chasing after your BA’s or BS’s.

I was blessed to remain a stay-at-home Mom the duration of raising 3 beautiful daughters.  While they were just toddlers, I launched my Amway business, which ultimately grew beyond my wildest dreams.  I readily adapted to my “Cinderella” lifestyle… beautiful home, a maid, nice cars, guest appearances at corporate affairs (riding in limos), golf club membership, travel galore to exotic beaches of the World…. Hawaii, Caribbean cruises, parasailing in Acapulco, sunning my buns on the corporate yacht for a week in the Virgin Islands.  It was like retiring in pure comfort in my 30’s.

My grandest career moments were spent with my sister & dearest friend, Anita from Colorado ~ It was so thrilling, building our businesses together, then flying south to sunny, tropical beaches to laugh & play together.  My lowest moment was when she died at age 38.

Then, after 24 years of marriage, I was divorced and starting all over ~ talk about a humbling experience.  I had yet to discover…who I really was…that sometimes less is more…and that the most precious things in life are not what money can buy.  You just can’t put a price tag on “peace”.

As a Coping facilitator, I helped others learn to deal with divorce or death of a spouse.  I also became very active in Supportive Singles.  That’s where I met Allen, my sweetie.  He and I have been together 15 years now.  (Not married yet…we thought we’d try it for another 15 years first!)  We enjoy cooking (and eating), music, the arts, gardening and my two adorable and very spoiled dogs, Heidi (Border Collie mix I adopted from the shelter) and Hunter (purebred Shih-Tzu).  I am a devoted, die-hard dog-owner/lover. 

Another passion is writing.  I have written a book (inspired by my dogs), but not published it… yet.  My vision is to spend my retirement years as a freelancer (with plenty of royalties!).  Flower gardening is my therapy/addiction.  I get my annual ‘fix’ by digging in the dirt, from April to October.  I live in a cottage surrounded by a white picket fence and tons of flowers!  My garden is a true sanctuary… a feast for the eyes & butterflies!

My Occupation:
I’m still an independent businesswoman after 35 years (now Quixtar, an Internet business).  About 4 ½ years ago, I felt this strong ‘nudge’ to try something new.  I ended up working for ENCOR (Eastern Nebraska Community of Retardation). It has been extremely rewarding.  These people are some of the dearest in the world!
 I work in a group home with 4 mentally challenged ladies.  A daily goal is habilitation; we ‘celebrate’ each victory, large & small.  I am a cook, gardener, cleaning lady, decorator, banker, chauffeur, teacher, friend, confidante, counselor, cheerleader, beautician, medical aide (nurse), secretary and bookkeeper.  Whew!

There is NEVER a dull moment.  We have daily doses of hugs, smiles and laughter.  The motto in our house is “I can do it!”  They do fill my cup (and test my patience!).
Now many of you are enjoying retirement.  And I’m working a full-time job plus running my business.  See?  I told you I did things backwards!  

My Family:
Most of my family lives in the Denver area, so I try to head west yearly.  My mother died 2 years ago in Wheat Ridge, but Dad McCoy still lives there.  My Nebraska father passed away 8 years ago.  He left me a ‘2nd Mom’ here.  I feel so lucky to still have a Mom & Dad to love!

My life is rich and full with 3 daughters, their hubbies and 6 grandchildren.  They are my pride & joy!  Each of my girls is lovely, talented and very unique.  We have wonderful relationships.  Two settled in Nebraska close by.  Tammy (38) is remarried to Rick; they live 8 miles away.  Together they have 4 children:  REO, Allison, Amber & Courtney (ages 14-8).  Tanya (31) & Chris live in Omaha with my 2 ‘granddogs’.  Teresa (36) & Eric are in St. Louis with Jake (5) and Lauren (3).  I treasure family get-togethers with all my kids!  

The first time I held my very own grandbaby in my arms, I was hooked for life!   Being called “Grammy” is the sweetest music to my ears.  Waking up to hearing your own grandchild softly singing, all curled up next to you in bed is ~~ pure heaven!

Favorite Memories:
Wearing a pep club skirt with a 25” waistline.

Pep Club ~ pep rallies ~ Yelling at games ‘til we were hoarse!

Gigantic, blazing bonfires (where did you guys every find that out-house?)  

Theresa McVicker’s slumber parties & tee-peeing guys’ places ~ until a huge flashlight chased us into the pitch-black night, and I ended up tangling with a barbwire fence. :-(

Cruising Wadsworth & meeting friends at McDonald’s. 

Watching our talented gymnasts perform.

FBLA ~  4 years of French. 

Rooting our guys on to Take State in basketball. :-)

Our awesome band, plays, musicals and boys’ ballet.

Secretarial Training & writing my diary in shorthand! 

My old flame, Jim Lampson (’63).   

Working(?) at Grand Lake with Mimi Grover the summers of ’64 and ’65. 

Rockin’ the nights away at Barn Dances.  Growing up with the BEST music EVER!

Singing in the choir at graduation, “Let There Be Peace On Earth”… with a lump in my throat.

Being peeved at Mr. Solem when he sent us girls home for wearing culottes.  :-(

But hanging onto a poem our principal gave us seniors: “Fight One More Round”.  (Not realizing how many times in the future I would need those encouraging words).

FARMERS’ SPIRIT ~ ‘OOZING’ with Enthusiasm! 

Can’t wait to see all you old farts at our 40th at the new Sam’s!  Isn’t that where we emptied all those cold 3.2 pitchers?  Lookout Mountain…do couples still go there to watch submarine races?  If I wear a ‘skort’ (split skirt), will I be sent home again???







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