Melvin Goos
Lakeport, California



What's Up:
Currently i am enjoying my retirement.  I enjoy camping fishing, wood working once in a while my buddies role in one of their Hot Rods to work on.

My Occupation
After my  hitch in the Air Force, I was a crew chief on an F4 in Thailand.  My buddy and I got our A/P license and went to work for TWA in San Francisco. Stayed there for fifteen years. Went to work for FMC, manufactured the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, worked in the R/D section. Worked directly with the engineers with the developing and testing different components of the vehicle.

My Family:
We live in northern Calif. My wife of 38 years; yes I married a Calif girl. We have two daughters Teri and Lori and one grand daughter Dani, my buddy.
Favorite Memories:






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December 19, 2017