Gayle Glasscock Mansker
Beeville, Texas

What's Up:
Hi,  I live in Beeville, Texas south of San Antonio, and have for the last 29 years!  I love antiquing.  In fact, we live in a 125 year old two-story home which is filled with antiques, so I'm always hunting for something!  I also enjoy photography, scrap-booking, movies, reading, concerts (like Cher, Seinfeld, Elton John) and going to San Antonio SPURS games.  GO SPURS!  We also try to go to a Dallas Cowboy game once or twice a year.

My Occupation:
I graduated from Abilene Christian University with a elementary ed degree and taught school for 7 years, and then "retired" to have a family.  I was a "stay-at-home-mom" involved with our two girls’ activities, sports, etc.  Also, very involved in the community, library board, women's clubs (president and officer), art association, art museum docent, Navy league member, and active in my church as a teacher, etc.( Whoa, didn't mean to give a resume!) Oh, and in a "mid-life crisis time", (for me), my husband entered me in the "Mrs. Texas International Pageant".  (I was runner-up so it helped me through that period!)  Lately though, Kyle and I are enjoying traveling and visiting friends and family. 

My Family:
My husband is Kyle.  We met at Abilene Christian University and were married after graduation in 1969.  (He got his masters in banking at SMU).  He was first a bank examiner, and then we moved to Beeville (his home-town) where he was president and CEO of two banks.  He also "retired" early, about 10 years ago, and now concentrates on ranching and investments....We have two daughters both of whom also graduated from ACU.  Cameron, the oldest, 29, received her masters in speech pathology and owns her own company, "Speech Therapists of San Antonio".  Cassidi, age 25, is director of therapy with Cameron's other company, "The Therapy Team" (physical, occupational, and speech) also in San Antonio.  They employ approximately 60 therapists.  They are both single.

Favorite Memories:
 I enjoyed Mr. Trujillo's Spanish class, and guess he inspired me to take Spanish in college.  (It really comes in handy in South Texas!)

I wrote my bio 10 years ago, and I didn't mention that I had been diagnosed with DIFFUSE (systemic) SCLERODERMA in 2001.  Rather than write all about my life now, I'd like to focus on the SCLERODERMA, hoping a lot of you will read this and it may help someone!  It is an autoimmune disease that causes the skin to harden and thicken, causing crippling disfigurement.  it then attacks internal organs - lungs, heart, kidneys - leading to death usually within 3-5 years!  No cure! My husband and I went to over 10 doctors all over Texas and, finally, the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.  We expected Mayo would be on the "cutting edge" of knowledge with this horrible disease.  They weren't!  I was given a "grief counselor", told to take prednisone,  a cancer drug, and then told that at the rate it was progressing I had about 18 months to live!  Determined to find something else, I scoured the internet (I only had Web TV internet, so slow).  I found a SMALL, new study of 11 people with 7 surviving.  The other 4 had died because of pre-existing conditions before the trial / study.  There was HOPE as someone had survived!  I found the book  where the study was reported.  I also found the doctor - Dr. David Trantham - chief rheumatologist and professor at Harvard Medical School.  I got an appointment with him in Boston and I was placed in the 2nd study of 200 SCLERODERMA patients.  We are all doing well and I am in remission.  The wonderful news is the medication is a simple antibiotic - MINOCIN - which is prescribed for teenage acne.  No other drugs given!  After several months my skin softened and I could walk along with many other improvements!  The only remnants of the disease are that my fingers are curved, the joints frozen.  I stopped the antibiotics after 5 years but after 3 years it returned.  So, it has taken 4 years to date to get well again.  I want to use our WRHS '65 web site to let others know about this disease and, hopefully, also help someone!  This drug also is successful for RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS, LUPUS, and many other autoimmune diseases!  I am so thankful!!  I am sure many of you know of people who have these conditions or you, yourself, may have them.  I will be happy to talk to anyone or e-mail if you'd like more information...The GOOD NEWS is now I'm better and my family has increased!  Both my daughters have married and my husband, Kyle, and I, as of March, now have 4 grandchildren ages 5 mo., 2, 3 and 4.  We are "late grandparents"!  Both daughters have 2 kids.  My daughter, Cameron, is a speech pathologist, owns her own speech company, and physical therapy company.  Cassidi, the younger daughter, is the director of that.  They have around 100 employees.  Cameron has now, also, opened her own home health agency.  FUTURE PLANS are to enjoy being with my family and friends and just being a grandmother!  I'll continue to be thankful!!







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December 19, 2017