Julann Dugger Tietjens

Kansas City, MO


 My Occupation:
I was a Broker Realtor for over 30 years. I wish I could have been a Playboy Bunny or a Airline Attendant.
My Family:
I married Don and we have two children, Ryan is 46 and is an airline pilot for American Airlines, he has two boy's, Charlie who is 22 and graduated with an Engineering Degree. My grandson Carter is a Sophomore in high school and is passionate for Soccer. My daughter Kellie has a Criminal Justice Degree and is a probation officer, and is single. "Can you think of a nice guy as a match".

 My husband worked for TWA for 27 years, then worked as a corporate pilot flying Hawker 700 and Citation X for 14 years, and yes he's pushing 75 and still working in General Aviation. 
We have three dogs, the oldest is Sassy a 17 year old Dachshund, then we have Rylee another Dachshund, and finally Blue an Australian Cattle Dog.
 8 years ago I was diagnosed with a bunch of Autoimmune Diseases.  I have very bad days, ok days, and good days.  I prefer great days. I am so excited for the 50th party at WRHS.

 Favorite Memories:
Driving my 57 Chevy convertible to WRHS with my friends.








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August 13, 2017