Bruce DeCook
Arvada, Colorado



What's Up:
 Blessed" is the first word that comes to mind! I have been blessed in so many ways, it is challenging to try to list them all, so I will list the most significant and important. I was blessed to grow up in the innocent "Leave it to Beaver" ("Gee Wally") environment of Wheat Ridge Colorado, living on Holland Street only steps from the WRHS football field. Many great friendships were borne in those formative years with the "neighborhood rowdies!"...you know who you are! Blessed with great teachers and friends at WRHS, but most of all it is where I met my best friend and wife of 47 years, Judy Kifer ('66). Blessed with a wonderful education at CSU in accounting and finance which prepared me for a career in commercial real estate. Blessed with two great adult children, and, most recently, a 2 month old grandson to add to a 2 1/2 year old grandson. That brings us up to the present day...Blessed with great health, great family, and great friends!
 My Occupation:
 I spent the majority of my career in commercial real estate after a short stint as a CPA. I retired in 2003 and try to keep my mind sharp by managing our own real estate with Judy's very capable assistance.
 My Family:
 Judy Kifer ("66) and I have been married 47 years this coming December. Two awesome adult children and two cute grandsons round out our family. We are enjoying the grand parenting (Noni and Poppi) role immensely now and thankful all live in the Denver Metro area.
 Favorite Memories:
 1) Meeting Judy when she was a sophomore at WRHS, 2) Farmers winning State Basketball Championship in '63 - Frink, Janowski, Robinson, Swanson, et al, 3) Beatles and Beach Boys, 4) painting a BIG WHITE '65 on Holland Street with the neighborhood rowdies.


Bruce and Judy in the Netherlands






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August 13, 2017