Kathy Cobb Follette
Spearfish, South Dakota


What's Up:
We live in western South Dakota (the Black Hills), about 10 miles from the Wyoming line and 60 miles or so from Mt. Rushmore. Twenty years ago I was the only one from our class in South Dakota, but maybe someone has gotten tired of the nice weather in California and moved here.  I enjoy camping, especially with the grandkids, quilting, reading, and walking in the Hills with our dogs.

My Occupation:
I am a librarian in the public library here.  Small staff--I am the reference, interlibrary loan and acquisitions departments.  I feel kind of guilty taking a vacation. The upside is that the job is never boring. (I don't have to sit in the back all day, cataloging.)

My Family:
I got married in 68. We lived in Casper one very long year, then moved here to South Dakota, where we have been pretty much ever since. We have three daughters, all married, and seven grandchildren. Also two spoiled rotten dogs and three cats. Can't stand a truly 'empty nest'!

Favorite Memories:
The poster parties; pep rallies with the Spirit Jug; the creative writing class taught by Miss Knudtson; band, even though I was really lousy.








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August 13, 2017