Sharon Caves Shafer
Littleton, Colorado



What's Up:
We live in Littleton and have 2 kids, 1 son-in-law, and 2 dogs.  We enjoy the beach and visit often.  We took a family cruise this year and went to Disney World all adults this time. I am married to the same man that asked me to dance some 38 years ago.  Boy does that sound impossible.  I attended CSU and my husband CU (a good rivalry we have going).      

My Occupation:
We have a family business of a Deck Company and FAIT Homes which keeps all of us busy.  I am responsible for ordering, bookkeeping and whatever needs to be done.  I have enjoyed working with my family for the last 13 years.  The business keeps us busy and close.    

My Family:
My son is an architect and my daughter an interior designer.  We all live 15 minutes from each other in Littleton.  My daughter attended Metro and my son CU.  We have all been closely connected to a church and enjoy working and playing together.  Family vacations and short trips to Estes Park and Santa Fe are always a treat. 

Favorite Memories:
My favorite memories are the games and the barns after.  








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December 19, 2017