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What's new
Retired, remarried, re-potted. Life is good. Now living in Flagstaff, Az.
My wife Judy and I go back 32 years. She's been teaching at NAU for 20 years is an ardent outdoors-woman who I met during my Outward Bound years. She loves travel and camping as much as I do and we've been all over this continent from West to East and top to bottom. We enjoy 4-wheel boondocking through the Southwest any chance we get.

What's Up:

After working with Outward Bound School (CO and SW) on and off for 12 years, then Nature Conservancy for 20, I have seen a lot of the West. I am pretty deeply immersed in conservation and natural history research. In addition, my wife and I have spent 30 years traveling to the lesser-known and more interesting corners of the world.
2014. Since "graduating" from 30 years with The Nature Conservancy in Arizona, Belize, Bahamas, Jamaica and back to Arizona, I'm now a free agent. It's been fun to take on all kinds of conservation projects in Prescott and Flagstaff (where I now live). I'm on a number of Boards including Prescott College and the Natural History Network. After Sally's passing I remarried Judy, who teaches at Northern Arizona University. Though she'll keep teaching, her schedule allows us to travel a lot. We enjoy kayaking, Baja and the tropics in general. Hope to see you all in 2015.

My Occupation:
At various times I've been TNC's director for the state of Arizona, and country director each for Belize, Bahamas and Jamaica. During those years I've gotten to know coral reefs, rainforest and the SW desert. My two biggest achievements have probably been an $11.5 million Tropical Forest Debt Swap in Belize and spearheading a citizens' initiative to spend $20 million per year from Arizona Lottery on parks, recreation and wildlife. Both were first of their kind. My most interesting experience was a two-year project to create a Marine Reserve to protect the world's largest population of whale sharks off the coast of Belize.

My Family:
I met my wife Sally while teaching in Marin County, California, and we've raised two adventurous kids. We now live in a home high overlooking Prescott, Arizona. I'm on the Board of Prescott College and still work for TNC. Our 23-year old daughter works for an outdoor program in Talkeetna, Alaska and 21-year old son is in language school at Tikal, Guatemala.
2014. Both of my biological kids are kayakers too; one with NOLS, lives in Loreto, Baja and the other lives in Golden, studying engineering at Mines and leads trips with Renaissance in Denver. My two new daughters are ardent travelers too. One graduated from Lugano in Switzerland and is at UofA studying water policy and the other is in Costa Rica, about to go to Franklin College in Switzerland.

Favorite Memories:

Though not a favorite memory, nonetheless a haunting one, was as office do-goody, being the first at WRHS to hear the news of President Kennedy's assassination. As a result Don Solem listened in and the first period announcement was made. A happier memory was being responsible for gathering the wood for our 1964 Homecoming fire and in 1965 taking Mimi Grover, queen, as my date (though she led off the first dance, kind of, with Wade Dabney). Who else got a good laugh from Napoleon Dynamite?








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