1965 Farmers Frolic at 40th Reunion

All aboard!  The Little Reunion that Could chugged its way up Lookout Mountain
to the Crystal Rose on Saturday, September 10.  Joining the 103 joyful
Wheat Ridge classmates were 50 inquisitive spouses, 13 grads from seven
sister classes and 10 proud teacher favorites. Together they found their
nostalgic thrill on Blueberry Hill.  Leading the buried treasure chest of shared
past experiences were winning the State Basketball Championship in 1963
and KIMN radio’s Top School Contest grand prize, a dance with the Astronauts
and the Moonrakers in the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton Hotel!

A Savory Farmer Stew

Memories marinating in baby boomer minds for 40 years cooked up a
conversational menu as tasty as those Horrible Burgers and Sloppy Malts
at now extinct Frosted Scotchman Drive In.  Old friendships frozen in time
thawed instantly.  New connections were embraced with relish.  Stories and
events of yesteryear seasoned by group recollection and spiced with forgotten
details, soon simmered into a succulent friendship stew.  Thirty relocated
grads from 18 states flew in from coast to coast while, curiously, more than
a hundred locals passed on the short cross town drive for a deja vu glimpse
in the rear view mirror.  Hopefully a stir of the memory pot will move it to their
front burner for the back to the future 60th group birthday bash in the works
for the summer of 2007.  See you there!

Web Site Magic:  www.wrhs65.com

Credit the turn out and enthusiasm to a dynamic web site launched in only June
and fueled with love from a dedicated core of talented volunteers.  Yearbook
photos, updated bios, memorial tributes, trivia quizzes and email addresses all
helped fan the flame of desire.  Some 200 are still among the missing and 29
are known to no longer be with us.  Many who had never been to a single
reunion before, were mysteriously drawn to share this historic moment in time.
What a living, breathing touchstone the web site has become, a timeless virtual
lifeline.  It has already resuscitated countless friendships and will breathe life
into untold others in the decades to come.

For a cyber stroll down memory lane, check out the web site.  Leads to reach missing classmates are appreciated. 

Written by John Licky 

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