What a Blast We Had at Our 60th Birthday Bash
a Rock & Roll Reunion!

(Held September 7-9, 2007)

The time has come to raise a glass
And wish a "Happy Birthday" to all in the class
To those that are here and those who are not
To those that have passed, let none be forgot.

Our time in high school was only a sliver
But for memories made, it was a real giver
It created a bond, an invisible tether
And makes one proud to be a Farmer forever.

Toast made by Class Valedictorians, John Chapman and Alan Kraning and written by Ace Classmate-Finder, Bob Brown.

Thanks to the Farmer Party Planners!
Jim Beimers, Bob Brown, Mary Ann Havens, Terry Johnson,
John Larson, Linda Michels, Fred Overholt,
Milt Presler & Jay Byerly!

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